Name a star — make the best present

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Naming a star:
  • You receive a certificate with the adopted star coordinates.
  • You have the ability to give a special gift to your loved one.
  • You support the research of astronomy.
  • You can receive a wonderful prize.

Latest Winners

05 JUN 2009 Luck G. (USA) notebook
12 JUN 2009 Samantha L. (USA) notebook
25 JUL 2009 Anonimous (Canada) notebook
26 JUL 2009 Anonimous (USA) notebook
14 AUG 2009 Filippo B. (USA) car
03 SEP 2009 Luck H. (Australia) notebook
25 SEP 2009 Anonimous (Germany) notebook
07 OCT 2009 Anonimous (UK) notebook
15 OCT 2009 Anonimous (Australia) notebook
27 OCT 2009 Anonimous (USA) notebook
11 NOV 2009 Amelio P. (Italy) apartment
19 NOV 2009 Sandra M. (Canada) notebook

Humanity has been fascinated by the beauty of stars since the first time a man lifted his head and saw the sky. For thousands of years, stars have enthralled us with their secrets. Romantics and pragmatists, children and old men, amateurs and scientists — for centuries, all types of people have turned to the mysteries of the starry skies to help them find their way.

Whether you are a romantic looking for a special gift for your loved one, or a business person looking for an unusual present for a colleague, this “name a star” gift is the best choice. Although you cannot buy a star, you can give it your name or the name of your loved one, friend, or business partner.

Naming a star is very easy with us. Simply pay using PayPal, and our fast and convenient customer service will leave you completely satisfied.

After your purchase has been added to the star registry, you will receive a certificate where you can fill in the name of your star and its coordinates. Simply put the coordinates into your telescope to see it.

In addition to naming a star, you will receive another star as a present. Also, each and every one of our customers who participates in the Adopt a Star event will have the chance to win one of the wonderful prizes of an apartment, a car or a laptop.

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, and one of the few areas where amateurs can make new discoveries. Today, astronomical research can easily be done without long observations of the sky. One of the main goals of our company is to support the development of the amazing science of astronomy. Your purchase also helps, because when you adopt a star, you automatically support the study of astronomy.

From now on, you can easily wish upon your personal star! Tel.: +64 9 889 04 05